My first love was illustration. I filled notebooks and class notes with doodles. I remember there was a point in 5th grade where all I drew were eyes. Big dramatic eyes, dragon eyes, eyes with as few lines as possible, rectangular eyes. It was a curious time for my class notes. Now, I love to urban sketch with a pen so I'm forced to be confident in my strokes. 


I admire illustrators who create these gorgeous masterpieces full of bright colors and crisp lines. My style tends to be feathery and full of texture. It makes me feel like the drawing contains movement, even if it's not a coyote riding a bike.


Ultimately, illustration is where I think I pour most of my desire to make people laugh and take a second look. My favorite illustrations have been the ones that made me full-belly laugh and lean in to appreciate the details. I draw from a place of curiosity; a curiosity that may result in studying a view to understand it better, or drawing a hedgehog cosplaying as Tom Cruise in Top Gun (clearly on a certain highway).