Lettering is what gets me through every single day. I used to joke that if I could sit around and letter all day everyday and get paid to do it, I would never want for anything. While I do a bit more than letter all day, I do get to do it a lot. When I don't letter for a few days, I feel it, deep in my bones. It's like artistic yoga for me, though I am a lot better at this than actual yoga. 

Most of my lettering for sale can be found on my Etsy page. I adore custom orders and custom designs can be requested through my Etsy shop, Cayligraphy Studios. Stop on over, I've got a virtual cup of coffee waiting for you. To see more about my packages of transparent pre-made calligraphy overlays to spruce up your photographs, visit my Digital Overlays page.


The thing I love most about lettering is the versatility. I've lettered with markers, pencils, burnt firewood, sugar, batter, stones. I've lettered on paper, computers, windows, leaves, beaches, bodies. I'm always looking for new and different ways to form a collaboration between lettering and the physical world. It thrills me to no end.