A Short Rant on the Distribution of Creativity

I truly believe everyone was born to create.

And that everyone is creative. Yes, everyone. Because within that one sweeping statement, there are countless paths of creativity.

For the sake of this argument, let’s even narrow it to the field of art, and then narrower it specifically to drawing, the most common reason people give that they are, undeniably, “not creative.”

Draw a person. In your head, on a scrap piece of paper, whatever you have near you. Have you done it? Good. Now tell me what it looks like, what you drew. Chances are, if you’re one of the people that claim to have no creativity, you’ve drawn a stick figure even though I told you to draw a person. The proportions might be different, but my guess is it has a circle(ish) at the top, a line that descends from the circle and two to four lines that intersect with the main descending line.

Now, with that in mind, look at a human, any human. Overlay the stick figure you drew. Does it match up? No, because humans don’t actually look like stick figures, right?

You have just interpreted the real world, internalized it, and then transferred that interpretation from your head back to the concrete. Is your mind blown? Because it should be.

You created something that wasn’t there before.

That’s creativity. And that skill shows up in every field and every human. You might not be able to exactly reproduce something that you see in the real world (like those pencil drawings that look like black and white photographs), but don’t mistake a practiced skill for creativity.

You are creative. Learn to harness your creativity and get going, already.

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